Armor Insulation of East Texas

Offering the perfect solution to insulate empty walls in new construction or re-insulate homes previously installed with fiberglass batts.


It's your home, your decision, your investment, and you want the most comfort, safety, energy savings, and tranquility for as long as you live in your home!

Cozy Home

Proper insulation keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. No need to keep the heater or air conditioner running around the clock, which means you SAVE MONEY!

Quality Control

All of our products are non-toxic and completely safe for your home, the environment, and your family. For example, Injectable Foam Insulation is hypoallergenic making it a great, money-saving option.

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Listening to Music

Sound Proofing

You'll be amazed how quiet your home becomes after upgrading your insulation. Apartment building & condominium builders are finding quality insulation to be a great solution to minimize noise


Start Saving on Energy Bills Today!

With heating and cooling costs rising beyond belief, you can't afford to wait another day to reinsulate your home or office. Give us a call to start saving.


Quick & Easy Installation

Vinyl, wood, brick, block, stone, with cavities, foundations, outside walls or interior walls... Whatever your building materials may be - inside or outside - we can do it all!

See how easy insulation can be. 

Kevin M.

Nacogdoches, Texas

"We were previously troubled by mold in the bedrooms on one side of our house. Since getting new insulation there has been no sign of dampness. The overall temperature of the house remains more constant and the heat from the winter sun is not lost immediately at sunset. Similarly, when using electric heaters the room temperature can be maintained by thermostatic control very economically."

Lisa G.

"Hands down the best foam insulation company in East Texas!!! Armor Insulation did our house, our business, and even did a barn. 10 out of 10 recommend!!"

Nacogdoches, Texas

Luke S.

Douglass, Texas

"Injectable Foam Insulation helped us save significantly on the energy bills in our shop and made our homes more comfortable."

Erin D.

Alazan, Texas

"I am enjoying how quiet the Injectable Foam Insulation has made my house. I knew it would help somewhat but I did not realize just how much. It has eliminated all the noise I used to hear from the wind blowing my vinyl siding. I am anxious to see what effect the insulation has on my utility bills. I sent an email to all my neighbors telling them about the insulation & the great service from your crew and company."

Attic Flooring

Ask us about attic flooring! We build a lightweight, incredibly strong system of raised beams that support a safe deck above the full depth of your insulation. It's ideal to create safe access to equipment in your attic, or simply to give you storage space, and has been successfully independently tested to extremes of loading and temperatures.