R-Value of Injectable Foam Insulation

Injectable Foam Insulation is a 2-component foam product that is installed using compressed air with superior high speed installation equipment. A kiln-dried, water-based powder resin is combined with foaming agent catalyst to produce a freshly mixed product for each project. 

Injectable Foam Insulation can be installed quickly and easily. It is superior to other competitive retrofit foam insulation products because of its low shrinkage of less than 0.25 percent and a Class I/Class A fire safety rating. It meets or exceeds all building code requirements. As with all foam-in-place insulation products, it neither adds to nor detracts from the fire rating of the wall assembly. 

Test Results

R-Value per inch

R-Value 2x4 Cavity

R-Vaule 2x6 Cavity

Flame Spread

Smoke Density

Fire Classification

Water Vapor Transmission

4.6 / inch






10.6 PERMS

@ 75 F mean temperature

@75 F mean temperature

@75 F mean temperature

per ASTM E-84 @ 3.5"thick

per ASTM E-84 @ 3.5" thick

per NFPA Life Safety Code

per ASTM E-96 @ 3-3/8" thick