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Have you ever received an energy audit for your home? With how much energy is wasted on a daily basis in the United States, getting a home energy audit is now more important than ever. People all over America constantly use electronics, appliances, and other gadgets without giving energy a second thought. However, the truth of the matter is, millions of dollars are wasted on energy every single year. While it’s hard to notice how much energy you are really wasting, our audits can provide the valuable information you need.

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Using highly advanced technology, our energy audit experts will set up all of our equipment quickly and be out of your home in no time. While it may be a comprehensive home energy audit process, we can ensure fast and effective service every time. Our team understands that dealing with these services can be annoying and time-consuming, so we always focus on providing hassle-free, efficient solutions at every turn. From our owners to our technicians, we are always focused on creating a better, more-efficient home that your whole family can enjoy.

Another great benefit of choosing us for an energy audit involves the use of our Certified Performance Report. This in-depth report takes a home energy audit to the next level with a detailed, all-in-one service that takes 2-4 hours to complete. If you’re searching for a very detailed and precise explanation of your home’s energy usage and loss, then the CPR is perfect for you. To make things even better, we always focus on providing a low home energy audit cost for your convenience.

What’s Included in Our Certified Performance Report

Unlike other audits performed by other energy audit companies, our Certified Performance Report provides an extremely detailed energy audit that’ll lead to important decisions for your home’s energy. And although this home energy audit can take up to four hours to complete, you’ll receive a clear report that makes it easy to take action. But in order to fully understand our Certified Performance Report, take a look below for what this service includes:

  • Attic insulation evaluation

  • HVAC unit inspection

  • HVAC ductwork examination

  • Attic ventilation assessment

  • Full-home examination for leaks

  • FLIR thermal imaging

  • A very detailed report of findings

  • An audit that meets building and energy codes

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